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​​At Mississippi Cannabiis Coallition we are striving to create a thriving Cannabis industry in  the state of Mississippi. The coalition is involved with the Implementation of a coordinated and comprehensive cannabis legalization program. To take the money away from the cartels and give the revenue to the governmental agencies for distribution to the citizenry as a whole

We are concentrating on bringing a 6.75 billion dollar business to the State of Mississippi.There are various aspects to the cannabis industry. You have industrial which uses fiber for rope, paper, building products, soil erosion, air purification, hemp seed oil used in paints, stains, varnishes, beauty products, body care and cooking.

Medical uses in the 1800's include but are not limited to: migraine, depression, epilepsy, asthma, dysmenorrhea,rheumatism, efficient substitute for the poppy with opiate addicts, restlessness, anxiety,rabies, tetanus, analgesic, convulsions, gonorrhea, sleep inducing, neuralgia, postpartum psychosis, chronic bronchitis, cancer, glaucoma, ptsd and alzheimer's. Many more uses are being found everyday. 

Recreational - Cannabis is less harmful than cigarettes and alcohol and can be used to reduce opiate addictions. 

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