​The Initiative Process: was instituted by the Mississippi Legislator on November 3, 1992. The people of Mississippi approved a new law allowing citizens to propose changes to the state constitution through the initiative process.  The rights of the voters to propose new laws. Mississippi law is a form of " Indirect initiative". .

There are (5) five congressional districts based on the old laws when the initiative process was initiated. There are roughly 15 or more counties per district. With Proposition 60, we need 86,183 certified registered voters signatures to get placed on the ballot. That is roughly 17,237 signatures per district. The districts need to obtain at least this amount for the initiative to move forward to be placed on the ballot for a vote.

11 counties are split into different ballot initiative districts: Adams (2&4), Attala (2&3), Grenada (1&2), Hinds (2&4), Jones (3&4), Leake (2&3), Madison (2&3), Montgomery (1&2), Panola (1&2), Tallahatchie (1&2), Wayne (3&5). You need to ask the registered voter if they know which district they are in? 

Any citizen of Mississippi can sponsor a ballot initiative. You just draw up the Initiative and submit it to the Secretary of State and they will submit it to the Attorney General's office for approval. Once approved by the Attorney General's office then it is published in the paper and the citizenry is given 5 days to respond. If the public doesn't disagree with something then it is listed by the Secretary of State's office for circulation to begin.

When the exact amount of signatures are collected then it is placed on the ballot to be held for a general vote of the public. If it goes through then the legislatures will be responsible to draft the final legislation to deal with the initiatives measures.

Then it moves to the Governor's desk for his signature at which time it becomes law. 

If the Legislators don't listen we will make them hear through the Initiative process. 

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