Mississippi Cannabis Coaliltion


(Big Dave) Singletary for Governor of Mississippi.

Young enough to go and old enough to know. Born in 1957 in south Jackson, MS., Alta Woods area. My parents owned an operated a small appliance repair business on Gallatin St. in Jackson, MS. Attended Council II McCluer and Florence High School graduated 1975. 

Served in the Air Force six years, honorable discharge attained staff Sergeant rank at the Air National Guard 172nd squadron, Flowood, MS. One of the very few politicians who are veterans. I will provide a copy of my DD-214.

Graduate Millsaps College, Jackson, MS. 1985, B.B.A., Graduate M.B.A. , Southern Mississippi, Gulf Park campus, Long Beach, MS. 1989.  Associate in Applied Science Paralegal Technology, Hinds Community College, December, 2011. I have held a securities license, a health, life and property and casualty insurance license, a mississippi real estate brokers license. I have a certified hotelier license also. 

Owned an operated, The Breakers Inn, 2506 Beach Blvd., Biloxi, MS. an High Country Lodge, Ruidoso, N.M., from 1991 to 2000.

Real Estate developing on Hwy. 49 south, Florence, MS. 39073 presently, commercial and light industrial. 

Wanting to be Governor of the State of Mississippi to bring prosperity and health to its citizens. 

Let the healing begin. Big Dave for Governor, Mississippi first. 

Priorities: 1.) Revenue growth 2.) Job creation 3.) tourism increase 4.) prison reform 5.) education funding 6.) shore up the state retirement system 7.) revamp foster care to be more effective 8.) repair the roads 9.) support law enforcement 10.) affordable insurance for all mississippians 11.) for every new regulation enacted by the legislators, two must be eliminated. 

Current marital status,single. One son Griffin, age 10 years old. I have a strong purpose to fulfill my creator's will and pray to find his favor daily.  November 5th, 2019 gubernatorial candidate. Independent candidate. your only 420 friendly candidate in the race for the governor's office in the state of Mississippi. thanks for the help. Legalize Mississippi. Elect a common man to the office of Governor.